A Cold House

Although Christmas time is one of my number one times of the year, I care about a moderate home when it’s time to celebrate.

The joy that the Christmas season brings to my family is undescribable… Christmas is the only time of the year that our entire family is able to gathering.

Even our relatives that live in Asia fly out for Christmas each year. To me, there is nothing like celebrating holidays with the ones you love the most. Last year’s Christmas celebration was actually a unique one. It all started on Christmas Eve when our boiler went out. It was an unusually frigid evening, so my partner knew he needed to get the boiler turned back on as soon as possible. Unfortunately, after trying everything he could believe of, the boiler still wasn’t turning on. My Mom came over to look at it, however he couldn’t figure out the concern either. My pal and I knew that no one in our part would be open on Christmas morning, so calling an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional was pointless. My pal and I used our three little electric space heaters that we had sitting around the home to keep ourselves warm, and my partner jimmy rigged some sort of contraption to try and keep the pipes from frigid that evening. Thankfully, the temperatures rose above frigid early Christmas morning, however it was still the coldest Christmas celebration we have ever had. I don’t believe any of the family will ever complain about the home being too moderate again. Even though it was cold, we had a good time, and several family members wrote me letters thanking me for the moderate memories made on that frigid Christmas morning.


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