A cozy place for Max

My father-in-law decided to purchase a puppy to keep him company.

Ever since my mother-in-law passed he seems to have slowly slipped into a state of depression and we are glad that he has bought this new companion.

The puppy is very energetic but Max keeps him active and at least gives him a purpose each day. He has fallen head over heels over the little guy and wants him to have the best life possible. We often laugh because we are surprised at what lengths he will go to to spoil the dog. He even had a custom dog house built for him in the backyard for when he has to be away for the day. It has a motion sensored dog door on it so it will open and close when Max wants to go out into the yard and the most surprising thing he installed was a portable air conditioner to keep him cool during the hot summer days. Thankfully he lives in an area where winters are extremely mild so he did not need to install heat but it is funny to see a dog house with an air conditioner sticking out of a small window. I am very sure his neighbors got a chuckle out of it when they first saw him putting it in but he really wants the dog to be as comfortable as possible. I’m very sure if he thought that Max was the least bit chilly during the winter he would install some sort of heater as well. At least he has this faithful companion and he seems much more cheerful these days.

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