Accidentally enabled oppressive automobile controls

Curiosity killed the cat, that has what they always say.

Wouldn’t you know, I still have not learned this lesson in my own life.

The other day I was fiddling with the settings in my automobile as well as noticed something I had not seen before. It was called MyKey Enabling, as well as I stupidly pressed okay without any idea what it would do. Well, blatantly this feature essentially turns your automobile into a prison. My vehicle is now controlled with a bunch of parental permissions that I cannot seem to disable. Most discouragingly, to reduce driving distractions, the automobile does not allow me to change the air temperature control settings while it is in gear. Every time I startup my car, I have to make sure that the central heating as well as cooling system is set to exactly the right air quality as well as air temperature for the remainder of my trip. If I change my mind at any point during the journey, I cannot reach down as well as alter the control device controls. None of the air quality control settings can be modified when the automobile is in drive. Short of continually pulling over as well as turning off the vehicle, I have no way to manage the indoor air quality until the moment that I arrive at my destination. As you can imagine, the weather does not cooperate with this limited air quality control management system. When the daylight comes out from behind thick clouds as well as instantly increases the air temperature, I am stuck with my low A/C settings. When it suddenly starts pouring rain outside, I have to pull over to engage at the dehumidifier system. As someone who drives a lot for work, these limited Heating as well as A/C controls are killing me. I do not know what kind of sicko designed this parental control feature, although I feel like it’s a danger rather than a safety measure.

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