Checking my sump pump

I can’t believe the amount of rain that we have earned this month. My basement was on the verge of flooding however luckily we didn’t see any water. I was legitimately blessed because my sibling is moving to a current house so a lot of her clothes and furniture has been stored in my basement for a few months now. When we get a lot of rain there are numerous things that I have to check. For instance my basement and also how much water my outdoor plants get. I have plants that are planted in giant flowering pots that sit outside. If they get too much water they will die so I like to move them under my porch so they don’t drown. I also like to check my sump pump. What I do is I check the discharge line that is at the side of my house. I clear out any debris that is around it that could be blocking the water that is coming out of it. When we get a lot of rain it also means that a thunderstorm has come along with it. There have been certain times where our power has gone out so I will check on my sump pump again because my pump relies on electricity. Eventually I would like to talk to my plumber the next time he does a service on my house to see if I can get a back up battery system in case the power ever goes out, but checking on your sump pump is pressing especially when it rains you don’t want your basement to overflow due to your sump pump not toiling.

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