Cold Airplanes

Traveling the world is simply part of my life now. I travel to approximately eight different countries a year for the company I work for, and I can honestly say that I don’t think I could find a better job. Not only do I get to travel the globe, but I am literally paid to sight see and tour some of the most famous places on earth. I get to stay in five star hotels everywhere I travel, and all of my expenses are paid for. It’s literally my dream job, and I hope to stay with this company until the day I retire. Although I absolutely love traveling, my last few flying experiences weren’t the greatest. When I flew to Australia a couple months ago, I was stuck between two very large people who loved their air conditioning. I had my air vent closed, but because both of them had theirs open and blowing full blast, I froze the entire plane ride. I was supposed to be in first class, but something went wrong and I ended up in economy. That was one of the longest and coldest plane rides ever. Something similar happened on a flight to France, but it was because my air conditioning vent was stuck open. The last time I flew was the worst. I was able to fly first class which was great, but this time, the entire plane was just really cold. I’m not sure why I have such bad luck with air conditioning on airplanes, but I sure wish I could just have a comfortable temperature for my flights. With all that said, even if the flights are cold and long, the destination is totally worth it!

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