Couldn’t imagine living with radiant floors

I know that I can be a bit of a miser when it comes to keeping up with the modern day changes that have washed over the world.

I’m not the type to go out and buy the latest gadget or subscribe to the latest app.

I don’t even have a smartphone! Everything I do is rooted in my experiences 40 years ago – and we didn’t have all this high tech internet nonsense back then in the good old days. That goes for all manner of modern life, really. Including, unfortunately, our indoor air quality control systems. Even our basic heating and cooling devices have become Frankenstein-esque monsters of ten different devices smashed together. Why do our furnaces, AC units, and thermostats have to be the same? Even worse, why are we getting rid of the tried and true indoor air temperature control equipment that most of us grew up with? Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t understand the purpose of high tech heating and cooling solutions being linked up to wifi. I don’t know why you need to control the indoor temperature from anywhere. And I certainly don’t understand this forced air furnace alternative known as “radiant heated floors.” When I was a child we couldn’t even use heating and cooling most of the time. If we did, we huddled up around the air vents and absorbed every bit of warm air that flowed through the air ducts. Getting rid of those ducts? Transporting warmth under your floors? Using a smart thermostat to do it? …What is the point? Just be happy with what you’ve got – there doesn’t have to be a high tech solution for everything.
Cooling technician