Custom table made of wonderful quality

For a long time my fiance and I used an ottoman as a home office table… I would say for about three years my buddy and I didn’t own a table, and that is because when you own something, it is yours forever, and my fiance won’t let me throw things out, then so the home office table was going to be perfect.

I wanted a unique size and color. I wanted it to match our residing room wood ceiling and be of wonderful quality. I could not find anything online in the shape, size, and color that I wanted. I ended up contacting a custom furniture guy. Everyone thought I was crazy, especially my fiance, people thought I was spending a boatload of cash on it. Actually the furniture at Arhaus, Pottery Barn, and Ashley Furniture were around the same price. This way I am getting what I want in matching wood for that cost. The construction of the wood is so impressive. It is smooth with no imperfections. It is heavy and hearty. It is able to withstand a lot of use and abuse. This is a table that I wouldn’t mind keeping forever. Someday people are going to fight for this table to be passed down. My only complaint is that it makes everything else in my condo look cheap and gaudy. I now need to update my TV stand, shoe rack, and end table in the residing room. The home office is all remodeled with a brand new table. It just looks amazing. It was a worthwhile addition that I am glad I didn’t rush and buy whatever.

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