Distracted roomies set off A/C with their cooking

Everybody knows that it’s a challenge to cohabitate with other humans.

  • Even with this knowledge on your side, you will run into endless obstacles as well as frustration when you are trying to establish a cabin with another being.

At least, this has been my experience as I’ve tried to responsibly settle into a positive living situation with my new roomies; For the most part, my fantastic friend and I get along great… Until the air quality becomes a problem. You see, my roommates are undoubtedly fond of cooking. However, they’re also undoubtedly absent-minded. They respectfully leave the oven on when nothing is inside, forget about hot pots of water on the stove top, or set up their steamer hours before they need to use it. All of these factors contribute to pumping extra heat into our indoor air. Given, none of these heat releasing activities would be significant enough to increase the entire cabin of air conditioned air. The problem is, our control device is located just outside the family room. The control device is responsible for monitoring our indoor air quality as well as controlling the Heating as well as A/C devices that my fantastic friend and I employ. Whenever the family room is warmer than the rest of the dwelling because of their absent minded cooking exploits, the poor control device detects the air temperature increase as well as tells the cooling system as well as furnace what to do. In the summer, this means our air conditioning is running more often than it needs to. In the winter, this means our furnace stops operating faster than my fantastic friend and I would like. The air temperature never reaches the programmed control device settings because of this artificial temperature boost from the family room. Even worse, my fantastic friend and I can never seem to get the stinks of their abundant cooking out of our indoor air.


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