Don’t make it too clean and comfortable, want in-laws to leave

About six months ago my wife informed me that her mom and dad would be coming to stay with us for a short amount of time.

They had run into some problems with their retirement fund and we needed to provide them with a temporary housing situation.

At the time, I was not thrilled with the idea but I agreed to give her parents a roof over their heads. Now, half a year later I’m worried that they’re never going to leave. I have to say, my wife isn’t making it any easier with her constant heating and cooling upgrades around our home. When spring started rolling into our area, my wife decided it was time to call out the local HVAC company for our routine cooling system inspection. She wanted to have a professional HVAC technician take a look at our air conditioner because our energy efficiency was subpar last summer. While the heating and cooling technician was at our house, he made some suggestions to improve our indoor air quality and energy efficiency even further. Soon, my wife arranged for a professional ductwork cleaning, a HEPA air filter upgrade on all of our HVAC equipment, and upgraded the cooling system to a more powerful AC. When my wife started talking about adding an air media purifier to the house to remove the airborne allergens that irritated her mom’s respiratory system, that’s when I had to put my foot down. I’m glad that we have the best air quality on the block and I love supporting the local HVAC dealership. However, I don’t want to make the indoor air too clean and comfortable inside our home… Or else her parents will never leave.

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