Eight in the afternoon with air conditioner

The water temp in the sea is a balmy 57F today plus I am still trying to moderate my chilly hands up after going in for about ten minutes. I saw two other guys in the sea today besides me plus they looked like they were having trouble with the chilly water too. It is cloudy today plus there is no sunlight at all so kneeling in that chilly water felt extra chilly today, and normally when the sunlight is out you feel some warmth from it, however today it was just gray skies plus chilly water on my skin. Heating the hands up is key to typing well, so now I am going to heat up water in my little heating device in the living room plus soak my hands in the hot water for a while. Okay, I just soaked my hands plus feet for ten minutes to try plus moderate them up plus I suppose they are feeling better now. My little space boiler works well to heat up my hands too however it costs a lot more currency to run, so using the small hot water heating device seems to be the most cost effective way to get the job done. My hands are working a lot better now after my hot water soaks plus now I can get my work done a lot faster. It is not easy heating up the hands when you are trying to type some Heating as well as A/C stories, so I suppose the better way is to moderate them up before you do the typing job.

Portable space heater