Fall is the best season

Something happened a few weeks ago that was pretty remarkable.

I was in such a deep funk, depressed and down on myself.

I didn’t know what I was doing in life or why, everything felt completely helpless and hopeless. And then… the weather shifted, but my buddy and I went from serious Summer heat, with temperatures above 95 degrees every single day… to a charming, sunny, 76 degrees bi-weekly. And my life completely changed. It’s like my eyeah were reopened for the first time, but the birdies were singing again, or, maybe I just could finally hear them again separate from the sound of my central A/C pounding away in the background, however you see, residing around here with the supreme heat and humidity… you rack up some definitely significant HVAC expenses running your air conditioner nonstop. Your A/C equipment definitely needs to be some kind of energy efficient monster if you don’t want to pay out the nose for high energy costs. And you’d better have a wonderful HVAC repair shop on speed dial, because the options of a cooling system breakdown are drastically high, for all of these reasons, I both appreciate and don’t like my A/C equipment all summer. It is what saves me from frying… however it also zaps my bank account and creates a really stressful environment, then when the fall weather finally shifts around here, everything is better. You can open your windows, forget about your control unit, and venture outside. There’s reason to live, and it’s genuinely affordable to be comfortable while you do it, then life begins again, and it isn’t centered around a stupid A/C unit.

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