Feel for the current guy in the neighborhood

I really feel bad for people who transport their lives into this city and try to figure out the best ways to establish themselves.

It’s not straight-forward around here – there aren’t straight-forward answers to a lot of your problems.

I know from my own experience moving here years ago, it’s stressful. In general, there’s nothing like changing to a current environment when you first transfer and start to get your bearings. But moving here was one of the most stressful challenges in life for me. It’s a tiny, country city with really few local businesses. Trying to figure out where to get basic goods and services was not straight-forward – especially when it came to my HVAC system. Back at that time there was one HVAC repairman – and he didn’t advertise his services. The dude was genuinely a vehicle mechanic, who knew a thing or two about heating and cooling machinery on the side. He would come out to roughly inspect your heating system or A/C system, tell you his best know about the temperature control machinery, and patch together some sort of solution separate from using certified upgradement parts. Then, it was a crapshoot if the heating and cooling repair took hold or not. Half of the time, he would make your indoor air temperature worse somehow. Through years of residing here, I found a second HVAC repair option; the town’s undertaker also knows a bit about HVAC solutions, and he does a better job with HVAC repairs. And that’s the whole thing – no current guy moving in would ever guess to call the funeral dwelling for a heating and cooling repair.


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