Finding the perfect gift

It is that time of year where people are scouring stores plus websites to find the perfect Holiday gift for that special someone. I have been wracking my brain for the past two weeks about what to get my wifey. She buys just about anything she wants all year plus it seems impossible to surprise her with something that she really loves. I started observing her more closely to see what areas of her life need improvement. I noticed that she spent a lot of time in her craft room plus while she was there she would put on extra layers of clothing, and she would put on her heavy wool socks plus a sweater before she headed there. She also has a cup warmer to keep her pop plus pop hot to help combat the cold. I decided to find ways to make her hang out room more comfortable. While she was out shopping I arranged to have an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier come in plus supply me some advice on ideas. I told him that I would need the work done discreetly so that I could surprise her at Christmas. She asked me if I could supply them a full morning to do the work plus I knew the perfect distraction. I called our kid plus my friend and I came up with a plan for her Dad to come stay plus “help out” with the kids overnight. The Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier was undoubtedly great. They came in plus installed a wall mounted Heating plus Air Conditioning device that would allow my wifey to control the temperature in the room independent of the rest of the house. She could keep the section as warm or cool as she wanted with the touch of a button. Best Holiday gift ever!


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