Finicky aunt needs dehumidifier, not AC

You know, you try to do a nice thing and sometimes it backfires.

A few weeks ago my great-aunt was extremely upset because she felt so isolated during the pandemic.

She couldn’t get groceries or supplies on her own, and she was fearful of contracting the illness all alone. I decided to invite her to come stay with me for the duration of the shelter in place order so that I could take good care of her. Well, it’s been weeks now and I’m past the point of wanting to help my aunt. She has made every day miserable with her demands and insistence that my home doesn’t feel as fresh and clean as she would like. Because my aunt is from the Northeast, she is not accustomed to the heat and humidity that we receive in this region. Everyday feels like a sauna outside. The inside of your house will get equally hot and muggy if you don’t have advanced indoor air temperature and air quality control equipment. As such, I have invested in a high-quality energy efficient central cooling system to manage my indoor air quality throughout the summer time. Unfortunately, this isn’t good enough for my aunt. She’s insistent that the air is dirty, the humidity is appalling, and running the AC system should be a magic solution to everything. I keep trying to tell her that the air conditioner can’t remove all of the humidity from the air. If she wants me to have dry, fresh indoor air I need to invest in a dehumidifier system. The problem is, I can’t afford to invest in new HVAC equipment right now, especially when my energy bill has been so high thanks to her air conditioning obsession. Of course, she hasn’t taken the hint and contributed any cash to the HVAC fund.
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