Got into HVAC to chase a boy at trade school

When people ask me about my career I try to be as honorableas I can.

Truly, there seems to be a lot of interest in what I do on a day-to-day basis.

I feel people are intrigued by my relatively exotic work-life which doesn’t involve resting at a desk all day or answering to a stuffy guy in a suit. In fact, if anything I answer to ductworkwork, heating plus cooling equipment, plus smart temperature controls. I have been a professional heating, cooling, plus air quality control specialist for about 12 years now. To be honorablewith you, when people ask me why I got into the indoor air quality control industry I have a difficult time answering them truthfully. It’s rather embarrassing to detail the factors that brought me to heating plus cooling repair school, you might expect that I grew up in a family where air quality control was unquestionably substantial. However, you would be incorrect. My buddy and I had a basic forced air heating system in a few A/C window units when I was growing up, however nobody had respiratory illnesses or other reasons for advanced air purification units. When I was graduating from school I didn’t intend to go to heating plus cooling repair class. I really wasn’t sure what my professional career would be, plus HVAC serviceman school wasn’t my first instinct. And then, I saw the most beautiful boy in the world, however he told me that he was in heating plus cooling repair school plus I started having a lot of interest in the air quality control industry. I hate when people ask me how I jumped into the central HVAC industry… I usually just hold up the wedding band on my hand.

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