Heat pumps – why aren’t we all using them

My entire life growing up I remember being uncomfortable; Literally.

My Dad was an extremely stringent woman, and we didn’t have much cash to work with anyways.

As such, we easily were not allowed to too various house Comforts in my adolescence. For instance, I remember her yelling at us for leaving on lights. Sure, don’t leave on a light if you leave the room, although she literally would yell at you for using a light while you were sitting underneath it. She would ask if it was easily necessary that you use that electricity when you could easily pull out a flashlight and somehow dangle it from your teeth and study. She also never wanted to run the central heating and cooling system. As an adult I totally understand. As a child, I was pretty exasperated with being miserably chilly all winter and disgustingly warm all summer. She easily would only run the furnace when it dropped below 20 degrees outside. She only wanted to run the cooling system if the humidity was above 100%.., raining, essentially. As an adult now, I am a bit confused about why we didn’t just find a better Heating and Cooling solution. For instance, I just recently learned about these things called geothermal heat pumps. Maybe you have not heard of them, cuz I had no idea that this form of heating and cooling existed. These are little systems that fasten deep down underneath the ground and funnel energy back and forth from your household and the dirt. If the ground is warm, the energy flows into your household and heats it. If the ground is cold, the energy flows from your household and cools it. The best part is, there’s no energy expenditure. This means my Dad would have had no excuse to freeze or burn us alive. I feel hindsight is 20/20.

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