Heating Expenses

I grew up in a small village out West, and I never definitely traveled far from home until college.

I attended a school on the eastern coast of the United States.

Although I appreciated my college, I didn’t definitely like the temperature. It was nice to be able to walk just a few minutes and be at the ocean, however at the same time, it was usually much colder than what I was used to out West, and it seemed like I was regularly cold. After finishing college, I moved back out West vowing to never move away again. Well, I didn’t keep my vow to myself because I fell in love with a man from the North. My pal and I talked about buying a home and settling out West near my family, however Vice would of had to supply up a definitely good job in his hometown. I caved in and decided his job was more important than my dislike for the frigid weather. Well, I thought I had experienced frigid weather in college, however it was nothing compared to the weather up North. I can’t believe how much it costs to heat our home during the winter time months, and it’s winter time most of the year around here. The temperatures start dropping down pretty low at the beginning of November, and it doesn’t get moderate again until the beginning of May! Because it’s so costly to heat the house, we try and wait as long as we can to turn the boiler on each year. Last winter, I literally had to get a full time job to help pay for our heating expenses. I definitely don’t like the cold, however the electric bills in the wintertime are even worse than the cold.


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