I have been using my neighbor’s humidifier

I have been using my neighbor’s humidifier, and I did not even realize it. I feel so bad now that I know, but there is nothing that I can do now. I apologized to her, and she just laughed about it. I don’t think she was that upset because she took it so well. She thought that she had lost her humidifier when all along, I was using it. You see, we share a storage closet since our apartment is along either side of the closet. We have never had any issues with sharing a storage closet until now. Most of our stuff is organized on different sides of the closet so that we don’t get our stuff mixed up. The only things that are together are the things that are larger like air conditioners and humidifiers. I bought a brand new humidifier last year, and I thought that I put it in the shared storage closet. I went to get it out a few months ago, and I thought it was strange that it wasn’t in the package, but I still took it. I thought for sure that I had left it in the package since I had never used it. I used that humidifier for the last few months until I found my actual humidifier in my attic area. It was still in the box, and I immediately realized that I must have taken my neighbor’s humidifier. I went over to her apartment and asked her if the humidifier was hers. She told me that it was, and she thought that she had somehow misplaced it. She told me that she looked for it several times but could not find it. I felt really bad, but now, she has it, and all is good.

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