I really need to find a new employee who can work on heat pumps and boiler services

I work for a very large heating and cooling firm here in our city, and we handle all of the local governmental businesses and the school systems.

In other words, we are really busy all the time.

Unfortunately for us, we also tend to have a high turnover rate when it comes to the technicians who come here to work for us. I’m not really sure why we have such a problem with retention of employees, but that is something that we are investigating and working on as time progresses. I have only been in my position for a short. I’m, but that is something that I am definitely going to focus on. I know that retention of employees is super important for the success of our business in the long term. Anyway, at this point, I am working on finding some new employees who are able to work on heat pumps and boiler services. Heat pumps and boiler services are something that we have to deal with constantly. At least once a day, we get a call in the office from someone who needs to schedule service on a heat pump or a boiler unit. At this point we are completely backed up because we don’t have very many technicians who are able to handle heat pumps and boiler services. Most of our technicians are focused on central air conditioning and central heating units, and that leaves us with a backlog of lots of people who are dealing with heat pumps and boiler issues. Since winter is coming up fast and the weather is cooling off quickly, we definitely need to make sure that we have several more people on staff who are able to handle this kind of thing.

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