Inlaws judge me for ability to supply Heating and Air Conditioning

I feel a lot of us have challenging times getting along with her in-laws.

It’s not easy to blend two families together when they have completely different experiences throughout life, then for instance, I come from relatively low economic status and my family is severely challenging.

Meanwhile, my wife’s family is rather wealthy and they all appreciate being in each other’s presence. I don’t understand either of these ways of life. Furthermore, things can be absolutely complicated when you are consistently being compared to other people. My in-laws continually judge me against my wife’s ex-spouse. Specifically, they feel as though I am not a great provider because I am not a heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist. When my wife was much younger she married a strapping young Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman after he repaired her central air conditioner unit in an emergency. The heating and cooling worker swept her off her feet and they were married within a year. Unluckyly, the marriage didn’t last because this heating and cooling serviceman was much more distraught with indoor air quality than my wife. To this afternoon, however, my in-laws consistently make comments about our indoor air handling devices. They tell me that the forced air furnace and AC unit could be in better shape if I knew anything about Heating and Air Conditioning devices. I am so tired of hearing about their obsession with our temperature control, cooling system, and heating devices. My wife does not complain about our indoor air quality so what are they talking about? Maybe I am not an air quality control specialist, however at least I know how to treat their daughter.
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