Installed smart thermostat so I could watch family from afar

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a paranoid person, but I would say that I’m very cautious.

I like to be in control of my life and my home, so I appreciate to know what’s going on there at all times.

My family likes to tell me that I’m over the top with my home monitoring ideals, so I’ve been trying to cut back on my most extreme measures for some amount of time. That’s why, I uninstalled the security cameras that used to be placed around the homestead. My family feels a lot more secure and private now… and they love that I installed a brand new smart thermostat with the money we’re saving from the old security system. They really love all of the options that this new air handling control comes with, including the smart thermostat app that everyone has installed on their phones. Anyone in the family can easily monitor the indoor air temperature and HVAC usage, and we have installed air quality sensors and every room of the house. My kids love being able to change the central HVAC settings without getting out of bed or disrupting their video games. My wife enjoys managing her radiant heated floors from the comfort of the bathtub. I have to say, I am also a huge fan of the smart air quality control device. Using the smart thermostat, I can always tell who is home and what room is occupied. Even when I’m on the road traveling for work, I know which of my family members are in the house and how high they are running the energy bill. I enjoy keeping an eye on my household conditions… and the air quality control device is a lot sneakier than relying on all of my security cameras, anyways.

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