It is hard to find places for all our stuff

I have noticed a lot of construction in our area over the past few years.

Residential areas are booming, office buildings are going up and huge facilities for self storage are going up right along with them.

I can’t help but wonder why we need so many of those. I started asking my friends, sort of taking a survey, if they had a storage unit? I was surprised to find that about half of them did. When I asked why they needed one they told me that they didn’t have enough space in their homes for all of the seasonal, holiday, and memorabilia and they didn’t want to part with it either. I was astounded by this information. This led to my next question, did they pay for a climate controlled space? Most of them said yes, they were willing to pay extra to have their belongings stored in a safe and climate controlled unit. This meant that these huge buildings that were going up also had to purchase massive HVAC systems to keep the facility at an optimum temperature throughout the year. According to my research there has been a constant growth in the need for climate controlled storage facilities for the past ten years or so. People are not willing to part with their “stuff” and are willing to pay for someone to keep it safe. All of this led me to ask my investment guy to look into commercial HVAC companies. If people are going to continue to get more stuff, store more stuff and want it in a climate controlled space, then the industry is bound to continue to see growth and profitability.

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