Met my dad; he’s my HVAC tech

Life is going to throw unexpected curveballs at you when you least anticipate them.

I’ve learned this the hard way year after year in my relatively short lifetime.

It seems like whenever I think I know what’s coming my way I am bound to be surprised. This has definitely been the case with my living situation. Every time I think that I found an excellent place to live something goes wrong. Most recently, I found that my heating, cooling, and ventilation program was not what I expected. My home inspector had insisted that the central HVAC system was brand new and well cared for before I purchased the house. Within a few weeks of moving in, however, the indoor air quality was suffering on a regular basis. My energy bills were climbing through the roof and I could barely afford to keep living here. That’s when I called out my local heating, cooling, and ventilation control repair shop… And received another massive surprise. When the HVAC technician arrived at my house he seemed oddly familiar. I was new to the area, so it made no sense that this air quality control specialist who was here for my forced air furnace and air conditioning unit had such a familiar face. I showed him to my HVAC units and walked away to take a phone call. At the end of my conversation, as the heating and cooling technician signaled that my HVAC system was ready to go, the lightbulb over my head lit up. My mom had always said my dad was the most handsome HVAC tech ever. The heating and cooling technician looked incredibly familiar to me because we had similar faces. After 30 years of living without a dad, I had hired my estranged father to perform the air quality control appointment.
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