Moving into the attic in winter

For about a year now I have been trying to live as eco-friendly as possible, and i feel like this is a correct sentiment plus something that you here quite often these mornings! However, when I say it I am honestly talking about taking things to a new extreme! You see, rather than just buying a gas-efficient vehicle plus trying to cut down on my 2-day deliveries from amazon, I’ve been trying to completely change the entire way I live to be more in line with mother nature.

Instead of fighting air temperatures, light, plus air quality, I have been letting my system naturally follow the patterns of our sun plus seasons, but that’s why, in the middle of summer time I have been moving my bed down to the basement.

I got tired of paying for deranged central air conditioner cost plus fighting the oppressive outdoor temperature every single afternoon, so I decided to simply relocate my sleeping part to the inherently frosty basement. That way, I don’t need to fight my naturally high indoor air temperature with seriously fancy central cooling system treated air each afternoon. Instead, I can walk downstairs plus rely on the low temperature underground to naturally provide all the cooling power that I need. I decided to do the same things in the winters. This year, I lugged my mattress up the stairs plus resituated my dining room to the highest floor of the house. This way, any amount of central heat that is pumped into the property will sufficiently rise up to the ceiling, where I can honestly soak it up. I have been able to decrease my indoor air temperature settings by 5° this year plus my energy bills have never been lower.
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