My husband fixed my media air cleaner

My husband fixed my media air cleaner, plus I am so glad about it… I have had an media air cleaner for years plus years.

I appreciate knowing that I am doing something to scrub the air in my house.

I would appreciate to be able to help stop pollutants from being added to the air outside as well, although I have not found a reliable way to do that yet. I am still trying to do research on it. I consistently want to have at least an media air cleaner in my property so that I know I am doing something, however my media air cleaner stopped working about a week ago, plus I had no idea what was wrong with it. I told my husband about it, plus he said that he would try to find some time to look at it, then he is super busy, plus I felt so enjoyed when he told me he would take some of his rare time to try plus repair my media air cleaner because he knew how much I enjoyed my media air cleaner. I did not want to get a new media air cleaner because I entirely liked the one that was not working. My husband knew that so that is why he was willing to take the time to try plus repair it. It took him about a week to figure out the complication plus repair it, but he was able to repair my media air cleaner, plus I am so enthusiastic that it is working once again. I appreciate my media air cleaner, plus I am so thankful that I got to keep it. My husband is awesome!

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