Need the sound of bugs to sleep after travelling abroad

Several years ago I realized that I was rather unfulfilled in my life.

I have been working my butt off for a number of years trying to make a living.

However, none of my work ever seemed like it mattered. I was tired of catering to rich housewives and their spoiled children as a tennis instructor. I decided I was going to do something more meaningful with my short existence on this Earth so that I could finally find inner peace and satisfaction. That’s when I started off on a mission trip in the jungle. After a few years of living in a hot and humid environment with absolutely no heating or cooling devices, I grew rather accustomed to a minimalist way of life. I found all the satisfaction that I was looking for without the help of any indoor air handling devices or modern amenities. In fact, at night the only comfort was the sound of a billion buzzing bugs rather than a high-quality indoor air temperature control device. After I moved back to the United States I found that it was difficult to settle back into modern life. I was suddenly uncomfortable in the presence of high quality indoor air. The sound of a heating and cooling system clicking into gear kept me awake all night. I was actually unsettled when the air conditioning unit would start pumping cool air into my space after so many years in the tropical climates. Worst of all, I realized that I couldn’t sleep at night without the sound of bugs buzzing away. To this day, I live without an HVAC system and I use a white noise machine to sleep at night.

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