Not the relaxing night I was hoping for

When you live with roommates, you start to really appreciate alone time.

  • Since I have been living with other folks, I have been immersed in human interaction whether I want it or not.

Even if I’m quietly sitting in my room, I can hear people moving around and speaking outside. It stresses me out and makes me want to become a hermit for the rest of my life. If I could live alone on a beautiful scenic mountain, I would genuinely be happy as a clam. On the other hand, I could do without living in a small house with three other people ever again. That’s why I, I was so excited when I learned that everybody would be out of town this weekend. I was going to have the house all to myself, and I was so stoked to have the kitchen and living room at my full disposal. I had a ton of self-care activities planned, including taking a nice long a bath and painting my nails on the couch. Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee the furnace failure that ruined my weekend. I woke up this morning, prepared for a wonderful and relaxing evening, only to find that the indoor air was frigid. At first, I thought I had forgotten to change the thermostat over from cooling to heating. However, when I examined the heat control device, I found that the thermostat settings were appropriate. In fact, the heater just wasn’t working. Here, I had been planning on spending my evening lazily lounging around and instead I’ve been calling every HVAC company in the phone book and waiting for my HVAC tech to arrive. Of course, my roommates missed all of this furnace drama, as well as the extremely expensive emergency repair service fee.

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