Online A/C purchase was too fantastic to be true – identity theft

When I need to purchase something I constantly try to find the best deal possible, but i know that the first price you see is rarely what you have to pay.

If you do a little online research, it’s almost constantly possible to find a lower listing price or a coupon to save you significant cash.

That’s why, I am no stranger to perusing the offshore discount websites that give excellent deals on electronics and appliances, a lot of people are too afraid to utilize these foreign exchange websites, but I am prepared to roll the dice if I can secure a good deal, however recently, this plan backfired on me when I trusted an offshore website to give amazing indoor air quality for my home… You see, for the past two years our central cooling system had slowly been chopping down. I have been calling the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealership at least every few months for an emergency repair repair when the stupid A/C stopped working one morning, but everytime the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker checked our cooling system, he told me the A/C would need to be upgraded sooner rather than later. I was continually putting off the pricey air quality control purchase, certain that I could find a better deal for my air handling component online. Eventually, I saw an a/c deal that was too fantastic to pass up. A bargain website was offering a brand up-to-date central cooling system with a high energy efficiency rating and multiple months of HEPA air filters for dirt cheap. I made the purchase and felt fantastic about my A/C decision. Well, two months later I do not feel as fantastic about my cooling system purchase anymore. When the “central cooling system” finally arrived weeks later than promised, it was the size of a regular A/C window unit.