Open air restaurant – so trendy, eco friendly, and cheap

A few months ago I started hearing a lot of hype about a new restaurant opening up in town.

At first, I drowned out all of the excited conversations because I figured it would be the same as every other modern eatery in our city.

What could they possibly do differently than the other thousand restaurant? That’s when, I found out that it was an extremely different eating establishment than usual. In fact, this restaurant was built with one simple premise; serve food as cheap as possible by keeping expenses low. This meant, they didn’t purchase extremely expensive gourmet foods to charge out the nose for. They didn’t drive up the costs of your meals with expensive appetizers and top-shelf cocktails. Most significantly, they had an open-air restaurant that utilized 0 modern Heating and Cooling devices for indoor air temperature control. Instead, they let Mother Nature decided the temperature and air quality of the restaurant every single day. Though this definitely came with some complications, it also allowed them to cut down on customer pricing. Rather than having to operate an expensive heating and cooling system everyday and battling Mother Nature, they were able to leave the HVAC system powered off. Instead of worrying about expensive heating, cooling, and ventilation repair services, they could pass those savings on to their customers. Most significantly for me, instead of brutally freezing their more temperature-sensitive customers,they created a comfortable indoor environment that invited you to spend more money and drive down the costs even lower for everyone else. Maybe this eco-friendly style of restaurant won’t take off, but I am a massive fan of this natural HVAC eatery.


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