Our house is so much cooler this summer since we had our central air conditioning fixed

My husband and I bought a beautiful house about three years ago.

The house is a lot bigger than any house that we ever owned before, and we never really pictured ourselves in such a large house.

We ended up buying it because of how beautiful it is and how beautiful the property that it is built on is. It came with seven acres of land and two ponds. I truly love our house. We got a really good deal on it because the central air conditioning system was broken when we bought it. We did not plan on getting it fixed because we had always just used window units, and they kept our other house quite comfortable during the summer months. This house was too big to just use window units to cool it, and we did not realize that until we tried it. We had three window units going downstairs, and it was still really warm in certain parts of the house. No matter how cool I set the thermostats on the air conditioners, the downstairs never cooled down enough. Upstairs was even worse. We only had one air conditioner up there, and it only cooled down our bedroom. We realized quite quickly that we needed to get the central air conditioning system fixed. It took us two years to save up the money, but we eventually got it fixed, and it is so nice. The house is finally comfortable during the summer months. I am so happy that we were able to get it fixed because I actually enjoy being in the house during the summertime now.


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