Relocating our supplier made sense

Over the past few years my friend and I have seen a dramatic decline in our numbers.

My friend and I have had to let some undoubtedly loyal employees go because there just wasn’t enough supplier to afford them any longer. This has been heartbreaking. As a local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier plus repair shop my friend and I have been struggling. The largest problem is the fact that our section has seemed to stop growing. With no new homes being built, no new companies moving to the section plus no need for major replacements my friend and I have run out of areas where my friend and I can be viable. The fact that my friend and I tune up the existing systems just isn’t keeping us afloat any longer, then for all of these reasons my friend and I have decided to close up shop plus move a hundred miles away. This was a tough choice however my friend and I wanted to continue to grow. My friend and I are basically starting over in the new section however my friend and I can see good potential there. My friend and I sold the maintenance portion of the supplier so that our customers can still continue to have their systems evaluated plus repaired as well. The section my friend and I are moving to has seen a ten percent growth for residential plus a nearly twenty percent growth in commercial over the last five years. Things are booming there plus my friend and I hope to establish ourselves as a quality Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership plus repair repair there. This will allow us to hire employees plus maintain our business. My friend and I can take luck of new property builds, replacement of commercial units plus develop relationships with local dealers. In several ways it is upset to leave where my friend and I are however my friend and I must keep up with the times or close our doors for good.

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