Requirements that change by region need to be considered

Many people are under the impression that all HVAC systems are basically the same.

On one hand, this is a tploy statement.

However, did you know that the efficiency rating can vary depending upon the region you are living in? Regulatory guidelines allow this discrepancy in order to allow HVAC dealers to offer what works best for you. If you live in the South, where winters are milder as well as you don’t experience serious chilly for months on end your heating system has a lower efficiency requirement than those up North. This may allow you to save some currency upfront on the device as well. HVAC manufacturers are on top of all the government requirements for each region as well as produce models that are needed for the dealers in that area. A higher demand for a/cs in the south as well as efficient furnaces in the north drive the HVAC industries’ manufacturers to keep up with changing trends. For instance, if the industry sees a growth in population in one region or another they may increase production of HVAC units that will meet the needs of the people moving to that part as well as decrease them in another place that is seeing a decline. This allows them to save currency by not making an excess of units that will rest unsold. A lot goes into the future planning of a manufacturing schedule in order to keep up with supply as well as demand. This is also required so that HVAC manufacturers maintain profitability as well as they don’t waste currency on merchandise that will just rest there. It is genuinely interesting to see how much planning goes into HVAC units that my associate and I take for granted each afternoon.



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