Run an online Heating and Air Conditioning support community

Several years ago I realized that I was unhappy with my life… I have been laboring really hard in academic research for more than 2 years however it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere.

I wasn’t fulfilled by the research that I was doing nor did it seem like I had any practical impact on the future of medical care.

I wasn’t able to directly help people and therefore I didn’t get absolutely much fulfillment from the task that I toiled so hard in. I decided it was time to set off on a new course. Instead of worrying so much about my achievement I was going to try to help other people. I wasn’t sure what I could offer anybody.., however until my heating and cooling system broke down one afternoon. I was standing at dwelling minding my own business when I heard a bad sound coming from my forced air furnace in the basement. I ran downstairs and found my heater was smoking! Clearly, something had gone wrong with the forced air furnace which was at least 20 years old. I knew that I was going to have troubles coming up with the money for a brand new heater, however that’s when I started researching local air quality control shops, routine repair services, and energy efficient heaters, then with all of this research under my belt I decided to publish my new Heating and Air Conditioning findings to an online forum. the next thing I knew, I had a following in the heating and cooling world, however people were flocking to my real world examples of dealing with unexpected heating, cooling, and ventilation breakdowns. Today, I am managing an Heating and Air Conditioning support community as my full time task.