Sewer line service and how to save money

My fiance plus I had a plumbing issue recently… Our drain field started leaking; I noticed the smell at first.

  • It smelled like raw sewage being baked in the sunshine, however my whole backyard reeked.

I thought the problem was with my septic tank plus that it needed to be pumped; So I called a septic company plus then they informed me the issue was with the drain field… They pumped the septic however left me with a larger mess. To service the drainfield would have cost over 6,000 dollars. My fiance has a tractor plus thought he could replace the drainfield himself, then after digging everything up plus removing the piping, he was shocked at what a mess it was. Someone installed everything… Nothing was hooked up right! The water was never draining properly. After all that time plus digging, my fiance couldn’t do the repair. My pal and I ended up calling a plumbing company for a sewer line repair. These people specialized in trenchless plumbing. They could have done a quick patch job or dug right into the earth to service the issue. I am cheerful that my friend and I exposed all the issues plus they inspected the sewer line repair. They got all the new piping levels, fixed the distribution box, plus put all the dirt back over it. Now the backyard looks as fantastic as new plus doesn’t smell exhausting anymore. The best part is that it costs us less than six grand since my fiance did a lot of the prep work. I also know this sewer line service company is a lot more fair plus trustworthy than the first business that I called.


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