Shower water pressure at apartment plus at school

Since I just graduated from school, at times it’s strenuous seeing all my friends still together.

I graduated a Spring semester early before all the people else.

I did this because it would save me a lot of currency in my student loans. Now every time that I go on social media I see my friends all together having fun. I knew that this was going to happen when I left but I was prepared for it. What I don’t miss about being in university is the labor load, for my major I had to write a lot of essays plus do research. These essays plus research would take weeks for me to complete. I would become so stressed out. What I do miss about school though is how enjoyable our shower was. I lived in a townhome with two other roommates. Our room was honestly nice plus well kept. The shower was quite small since the lavatory was small but the water pressure in the shower was great. The water pressure allowed me to take showers quick since it rinsed the shampoo plus conditioner out of my hair honestly abruptly. Now that I’m back in my hometown in my home, the shower pressure isn’t as great. My showers take a long time because the pressure is terrible. It takes forever to get shampoo out of my hair. I mentioned this issue to my Mom plus he said that he would change the shower head. He recently just changed it but the water pressure is still a problem. He told me that he was going to call our plumber to see if there’s something wrong with our water pipes.
a/c serviceman