Snowy Days By My Wood Stove

I just enjoy the wintertime! Ever since I was just a child, I have loved the snow.

To me, there is nothing like walking outside on a chilly winter afternoon plus seeing a fresh layer of snow blanketing the ground.

One of my childhood dreams was to live in a place where there is snow year round, then after marrying my highschool sweetheart, my pal and I moved way up North where there really is snow for the majority of the year. Many of my friends thought that I would get sick of the snow plus chilly after a few years, however it absolutely hasn’t happened yet. My fantastic friend and I have lived up North for almost ten years, plus I still enjoy every second of residing in this winter wonderland. My number one types of afternoons are the afternoons when it’s blizzarding outside, plus there’s nowhere to go, so I sit at home with my wood stove plus a fantastic book. My wood stove is practically my best acquaintance when it comes to keeping hot in this cold, snowy site, having a wood stove also keeps me tied up plus gets me some exercise by having to cut wood to keep it going. My hubby thinks is funny that I enjoy my wood stove so much. He would enjoy to have just an electric furnace to heat the cabin because it’s so much easier plus less messy. He knows that I enjoy the wood stove though, so he would never get rid of it. It may sound crazy, but I think, wintertime is the best time of the year.

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