Some heated flooring would be fine

I am moving a bit slow this week after doing a heavy leg workout yesterday in the sand.

I filled this large tote with sand and dragged it walking backwards for 15 minutes, which is supposed to strengthen the quad muscles and help aid the knees.

I had an MRI done on my knees which showed almost no cartilage left in them, so now I am doing these exercises to make my legs stronger so I can avoid getting knee replacements; I want to keep playing beach volleyball although I need to get my knees better first with these exercises. The local supplier told me about doing these exercises and how they helped him repair them after ruining them from installing radiant heated flooring for so numerous years. I know if I am diligent with doing these each week a few times that I will be able to play again without damaging my knees any further. I carry heat pumps and other HVAC device while in the day at labor and need my knees to be strong so that I can keep working for a few more years. I know if I stick to the plan for a few more months I will be feeling a lot better and can play more games without any pain. So this week I am a bit sore and will hit the local supplier a bit later to buy some things for my HVAC system and maybe get some of that pain relieving gel for my joints this week. Besides that, I know this week is going to be a day of rest.



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