Strange noise when my heat kicks off

When I was a child I entertained myself. I was given a lot of books from my Grandmother since she always worked at book fairs. Therefore books were my go to if I was bored. I remember going to my parent’s friends houses for a few hours while they talked plus had a few drinks plus I would rest on the couch plus study plus watch TV. My parents friends were always so impressed on how good I was. They wished that their children entertained themselves as good as I did. This transferred over to my children. I decided to supply them books plus show them the importance of studying. However one night her studying got out of hand, however it did show me that my good friend and I had an Heating as well as A/C issue. I tucked my kid in plus said good night thinking that she was going to sleep. I found out that she was still up when she came into my room absolutely scared. She woke me up plus told me that she heard a absolutely strange noise coming from her vent. The noise only lasted a few seconds however it startled him. I asked him how she heard it plus she told me that she was still up studying her book. I asked him what the noise sounded like plus she said it sounded like a dying, screeching birdie plus that it was coming from the basement. I realized that our boiler was on plus that every time the heater has been turning off it has been making a strange noise. I need to get it fixed by my Heating as well as A/C worker.

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