Surprised by features of automation system

I prefer home improvement projects.

I am always looking for new ways to elevate curb appeal, interior aesthetics, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.

Installing new windows was an lavish upgrade however really much worth the investment! A touchless family room faucet wasn’t all that lavish yet I prefer the amenity every single morning. A little over a year ago, I decided to install a new thermostat. I began researching the odd models of smart thermostats! Today’s chances are much more streamlined and customizable. As I read up on the odd features available, I noticed that several of them are compatible with a smart home. At that point, I wasn’t aware of the several possibilities for a smart home. I assumed that an automation system would include the thermostat, automatic lights and a security system. I was amazed by the several options. The automation system allows me to combine the control of all smart appliances into a centralized hub. The dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, oven, sump pump, refrigerator and water furnace are all included. This simplifies everything from settings to repairs and repair. I receive alerts when there is a problem and reminders to schedule correct service. I can even take fortune of energy tracking and energy saving tips! Plus, the automation system provides smart door locks that I can control via an app on my PC. I no longer need to worry about forgetting my keys. I don’t need to wonder if I remembered to lock the doors before leaving for work. I can unlock certain doors to allow for a delivery or service. Along with automated lights and cameras for the security system, I can access real time footage of every part of the property, however whether I’m at home or away, I can see who is resting on my front porch or pulling into the driveway.
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