Tax return – zone controlled heating

I cannot even wait.

I have been lying awake for evenings on end at this point.

I am so happy that I literally cannot sleep or call my nerves. It easily feels like Christmas morning for a child. I couldn’t be more stoked about the gift that I am about to receive! Yes, I am talking about adult Christmas… Tax return season. The one time of year when all of your difficult work finally seems like it pays off, all year round you pay into this pressing pool of cash, watching your dollars flowed out of your paychecks before you ever touch them. At the end of this depressing debacle, at least I always have something to look forward to when the government sends me some cash back. It’s a small victory, however it matters to me. This year I am especially happy because I have such pressing plans for my tax return. I couldn’t be more stoked to get my hands on this sum of cash. It’s going straight into my Heating, Ventilation and A/C program. For years, my hard-earned cash has been floating straight out the window. I have been paying out the nose for my energy-inefficient heating and cooling system morning after morning, then my high-cost indoor air floats right out of the house, and I watch dollar bills disapapple into the ether. With all of that expense, I would be happier if my household at least felt comfortable, however, it’s generally drafty and the temperature fluctuates wildly. That’s why I my pressing plan is to invest in a Zone controlled heating and cooling system. I have been looking at them for years. I cannot wait to have supreme control over the air temperature in every single room of my house. I figure, this way, when I am working at household I can simply run the heating and cooling system in my office. I will not be paying the energy company to heat or cool the empty house. With all of these energy efficient savings and enhance productivity, I expect that next year my tax return is going to be even mightier.


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