Thanksgiving disaster

When I feel of Thanksgiving I feel of family plus memories.

  • My buddy and I have spent so multiple years gathering around the family table plus it has been some of the best times ever.

As we reminisce each year we always bring up the year that Dad almost blew up the house. Yes, that is what I said, we actually feared for our lives that day; Not only did he destroy the turkey that year he ruined the air handler outside too. He decided that he wanted to deep fry a turkey plus didn’t follow all of the directions. He overfilled the oil pot plus when he dropped the turkey in the oil that poured over the top burst into sparks. If that had been it we could have endured it however it started a chain reaction of events that was nothing however frightening. The sparks abruptly spread to the picnic table, chairs, plus bushes. Dad ran for the fire extinguisher however by the time he returned the air handler cover had melted too. It was made of difficult plastic plus the top of it was a mess. Once the fire was out plus most people calmed down we started thinking of how awful it could have been. My buddy and I ended up ordering Chinese for lunch that year plus Dad had to contact the Heating as well as A/C corporation the next morning to deliver him an estimate on fixing the Heating as well as A/C unit. Thankfully the homeowners insurance paid for the repairs plus Dad gave up the idea of deep frying a turkey ever again. My buddy and I can laugh about this all these years later plus we have had multiple great memories to replace that poor one.

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