The Cold Wait

The changing of seasons from Summer to Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

Where I live up North, my nice friend and I kind of have a transitional phase from summer time weather to the actual fall weather, and this phase lasts for about a month from the third week of October to the third week of October; It’s during this transitional phase that the hot plus cold temperatures outside are usually pretty mild, plus I just love to spend time outside, and once this phase passes though, it’s a totally weird story, but from the yesterday of October to the middle of November, my nice friend and I have our real fall weather, plus it’s not pleasant. The hot plus cold temperatures are usually in the forties plus fifties, so it’s pretty frosty but not frigid enough to turn on the heater. Well at least in my spouse’s opinion, it’s not frigid enough. I genuinely don’t like that time of year because it seems as if the days drag on as I wait for the time when I can actual turn on the heater. The apartment is cold, plus I usually have to dress in lots of layers to stay warm. I have to admit, the changing leaves plus the aroma of the crisp air of Fall is wonderful, but it’s just not wonderful enough to outweigh the frigid wait, and my spouse knows that I get pretty frosty during the fall season, so he bought me two small electric heaters last year to help keep me warm. The heaters do help, but I still don’t guess that I will ever cherish the Fall like most do.



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