Video games can be helpful for future employment

When our kid told us that she was hired as a laptop programmer for a major Heating plus Air Conditioning manufacturer my friend and I were confused.

What did PCs have to do with making heaters plus a/cs? I know that several of the newer units have internet attachivity however why would they need so several people to work at programming them.

I figured that most of the “brains” for the units were manufactured overseas plus just plugged into the units. As it turns out the things that she was in charge of programming were the repair devices that are used to diagnose the problems with the units. These units can be plugged into a portal on the Heating plus Air Conditioning units plus they will run a diagnostic test to see where the problem is. This saves time plus expense when it comes to having repairs made. There is even a remote program that can access your device via WIFI plus the customers cell phone. Sometimes the things that our kid is capable of doing when it comes to PCs plus other devices makes my head spin. I think all of those teenage years spent gaming with her friends undoubtedly paid off when it came to her lifetime job. My friend and I used to tell her that she needed to be outside playing with her friends or doing something constructive, I can see now that she was. She is able to predict the outcome of a programming issue even before it happens plus that type of thinking is pressing to the development of new technology. Now if she would only leave the laptop stuff alone long enough to meet that special someone who will fill her life with love!