Why should you consider a variable speed system?

As an HVAC salesperson I try to find the system that best suits the needs of my customers.

I want them to return to me in the future if they want to upgrade or replace something so I try to gain their loyalty by offering the best system I can right off the bat.

Right now I am really pushing a variable speed system for everyone. My reasoning for this has a lot to do with savings on energy costs. If I can assure them that they will save significantly in that area then they are going to be able to afford a more pricey model too and that is a win for me. Even though I am looking for a commision I truly do want to save my customers money in the long run. When I am explaining to the customer what a variable speed system is I try to put it into language that they will understand. I do this by comparing it to the cruise control in their cars. A variable speed HVAC system allows your unit to maintain a constant temperature more efficiently. Just like the cruise control in your car allows you to save gas, wear and tear of the vehicle and worry by only accelerating and slowing down on its own, a variable speed HVAC unit does this for your heating and cooling system. Traditional units run at full speed for a short time, shut off for a bit and then do the same thing over and over again. A variable speed unit will maintain the temperature throughout the time a sensor will allow it to adjust the speed instead of constantly turning on and off. It is like having cruise control for your HVAC system and my customers tend to love that idea.

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