Work in HVAC for the ladies

I’d like to tell you that I love my task for humanitarian reasons, however that isn’tthe case, but don’t get me wrong, I unquestionably helped a lot of people in my day-to-day work.

When I decided to go to heating and cooling technical university I was mostly looking to gain a paycheck and to find steady toil for the rest of my life. I never unquestionably considered how several people I would save from uncomfortable situations! However, it is true that several local residents regard me as if I’m a hero. When the HVAC repair truck arrives, it’s a bit like Superman is arriving at their house. I’m glad that I can help people with unexpected heating, cooling, and ventilation unit failures at the drop of a hat. I do prefer seeing people’s relieved faces when high quality indoor air starts flowing through their air vents once again, but the truth is, I stay in the heating and cooling industry for selfish reasons. Besides my consistent paycheck, I prefer meeting all the ladies who have big HVAC failures and need a helping hand. I can’t tell you how several young, charming women call into the shop to request professional HVAC repair appointments with wonderful urgency. I get to drive over to the residences, concernshoot the indoor air handling devices, and flirt with the ladies while I talk to them about better HVAC practices for increased energy efficiency and decreased wear and tear. I love meeting all the single chicas who need heating and cooling help… because the options are, if they’re calling me, they don’t have a wife to handle the HVAC failure.

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