Going to work and the toilet being backed up

I work for a tiling company doing a lot of administrative work.

  • I have been there for twelve years now and I really do still love my job.

I have been the longest worker there and have received plenty of promotions so far. I have about five more years until I retire from there. I’m hoping that in those five years the company does a little updating to the building. There has been a few updates here and there in the twelve years that I’ve been there. About two years ago we got all new desks and chairs. They are much more modern and newer than the rest of the things that are in the office. Us coworkers were talking about how they should repaint the office every few years. To give us something new to look at. We also could use new toilets and sinks in the bathrooms. I swear that they date back to the 70’s. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just update them, but I think they were waiting until something major happened to replace them. That is exactly what happened. I went to the bathroom during my lunch break, I flushed the toilet and all of a sudden the water started pouring out of the toilet bowl! I ran out of the bathroom and to my boss’ office. I told him about the situation and he immediately called a plumbing service. I could not believe what I saw. My boss made a comment like well it seems like we’ll have to replace the whole bathroom now. It’s about time, too bad the bad situation had to happen to me.
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