Having a plumber to take a look at my living room sink

I recently had a lot of people over for my hubby’s fiftieth birthday.

My associate and I host a lot of parties because our house is legitimately spacious for them.

His birthday celebration was a hit, he had no idea. All of his friends were there and all of his friends who he hasn’t seen in numerous years. My associate and I all had such a blast however there was a lot of cleaning up that needed to be done. The next afternoon I woke up, walked out of my study room and saw dishes full of food still on the counter, glasses and beer bottles everywhere. My yard was even covered in trash as well… I decided to clean up instantly before I got any lunch. I wanted to clean up the mess before my hubby woke up and so I didn’t have to spend the whole afternoon cleaning, however while I was doing the dishes I heard a different sound. I thought it was my hubby who woke up and started the shower. However the noise was coming from below the living room sink. The pipes were spraying out water! I’m not sure what happened to the pipes and I was going to get my hubby to fix it however he was too hungover so I called my local plumber who is legitimately reputable around my area. He was over in about twenty minutes. There was water everywhere and all he did was tighten up and upgrade one of the pipes under my living room sink. It seemed to be an easy fix however the service charge was pretty pricey.

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