Smart control equipment includes geofencing

I’m always looking for possibilities to trim apartment expenses… The electric plus gas bills are always higher than I’m happy with.

The weather in my local area requires switching between A/C plus heating without much of a split in-between.

The summer time brings excessive humidity plus respected hot plus cold temperatures in the upper eighties. The winter time lasts more than half of the year, plus my buddy and I often set records for sub zero hot plus cold temperatures plus snowfall, however i recently updated my home’s control unit. I invested into a model that features geofencing… When I first started researching control units, I had no idea that geofencing was even an option. I consulted with the HVAC business who handles the seasonal maintenance for my furnace plus A/C; She was the one who commanded upgrading the control equipment plus this particular model. The device tracks the location of every family member’s smartphone. It knows when the house is empty or occupied. The control equipment automatically adjusts temperature to conserve energy when my buddy and I leave in the afternoon. It also adjusts the level of heating plus cooling at the perfect time to welcome us back to perfect temperature. I no longer need to remember to set the control equipment before leaving for work, however my associate and I never turn to boiling or cold conditions. There is less wear plus tear on the A/C plus heater, plus I’ve observed a significant drop in the cost of my energy costs. The savings on heating plus cooling costs is suddenly reclaiming the investment into the A/C, but plus, the control equipment provides additional benefits such as energy tracking, reminders to update filters, power outage alerts plus notifications when it’s time to schedule service.


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