Using a hair catcher in shower

When my mom was growing up times were a little tough for her, but her parents were immigrants and it was her and four other sisters. They had a good sized ranch condo that housed all seven of them; Even though she had to share a family room with two of her other sister’s she can recall a lot of memories with them. Having to get ready every afternoon for school was a challenge for my mom and her sister’s. The five women had to share one lavatory together, but not to mention they all had long dark hair so styling their hair and doing makeup was harshly pressing for them. Therefore my Grandfather installed a long eight foot mirror across the lavatory so all of them wouldn’t fight for the mirror. However they did have to share one shower, then after several years of using the shower, my Grandfather found out that all the hair from his daughters was going down the drain. All of the hair was clogging the drain so much that the water from the shower would not go down. He had to call the local plumber to come in and take a look at the severity of the situation. The plumber poured active enzymes in hopes to unclog all of the hair. The plumber also suggested to my Grandfather that the best way to prevent this from happening again was to buy a drain cover. This would catch any hair that would be traveling down the drain, and my Grandfather listened to the plumber and a clog that terrible has never happened again.

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