Visiting down south to my grandparent’s house

I absolutely love my grandparents dearly. They’re the only grandparents that I have left and they’re on my mom’s side. I only get to see them a handful of times a year because they live six hours away from me during the summer and spring. During the winter they live about twenty-four hours away because they stay down south to avoid the cold and snow. I recently just went down there to visit them. During the springtime it can still get pretty warm. But however my grandparents try to conserve as much energy and money as much as they can. My grandpa has the thermostat set to 80 degrees. To me that is very warm because I am not used to the warm weather. I am from the northeast so I experience more colder weather than warm. When I went over to say hello and to help my grandmother prepare food for dinner I saw that their air conditioner was off. I asked my grandmother why and with an annoyed tone in her voice she said that my grandpa shut it off. I mentioned to my grandpa that I was a little warm. All he said was to turn the fan on! I was a little upset because my grandma and I were sweating in the kitchen while he just sat in the living room. The reason that my grandpa does this is because he’s trying to save money. Since he doesn’t work anymore he is using most of his fund from his retirement. I understand that he wants to save money but it’s not good to be sitting in a hot house that feels like a sauna.


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